Welcome to the Morgan County Waterfowlers Ducks Unlimited Chapter in Morgan County, Ohio.
Where wetlands conservation, waterfowling traditions, and family values are important!
Greenwing Event with
                                      Cub Scouts
Greenwing Event: We made wood duck nesting boxes with the cub scouts March 7, 2016.

Mark your calendar for our 12th Annual Dinner Banquet - September 17, 2016 - Clarence E. Miller Ohio National Guard Armory, 4497 Hawk Drive, McConnelsville, Ohio

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The vision of Ducks Unlimited is to have sufficient wetlands
        to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow, and forever.
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Ohio State "Duck Head Awards":

"Bronze Unlimited Excellence Award - 2015"
"5th Place - Calendar Raffle Event Award 2015"
"9th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2015"

"4th Place - Greatest Increase Net/Net: Dinner Event 2013"
"9th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2013"

"1st Place - Greatest Increase Net/Net: Dinner Event 2008"
"7th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2008"

"4th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2007"
"5th Place - SBA Award 2007"

 "2nd Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2006"
"4th Place - SBA Award 2006"

"Rookie Chapter of the Year 2005"
 "3rd Place -SBA Award 2005"
"8th Place - Total Attendance Award 2005"
"9th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2005"

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Click here for PDF of 2015 Banquet  Information and "Thanks".

 Buy Your Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamps
In 2015, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) will commemorate the sale of the 1 millionth state wetland habitat stamp by awarding a signed print of this year’s winning entry. The stamp and print have been donated by Ducks Unlimited to help celebrate the milestone. Approximately 25,000 Ohio Wetland Habitat Stamps were purchased last year. Gunner Hilliard’s painting of northern shovelers appears on the 2015 Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp available now at www.oh.wildlifelicense.com. Proceeds from sales of the stamp help fund vital wetland habitat restoration projects in Ohio.
                            Ohio Wetlands Stamp
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